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My testimony I  am Elie. 22 years old.
I started schooling in september 1999 and I didn’t attend nursery schools. When I started school at Kacyiru primary school,almost none knew neither how to write nor how to hold a pencil.
The teacher had teach us almost everything but to some pupils including me,it was a little bit different. We looked mediocre because when others were using their right hands,for us we were only comfortable by using our left hands.

The teacher would always hold the board chalk or the pencil along with us and help us making the first steps in writing.   Since it was unusual,she had to force us to use the habitual handside. She had to beat us when spotted to be lefty until we adopt the culture of being ultimately right handed. I had to. Because even after school,it was awkwardly weird to be that much clumsy.

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