537e8b53-b70d-4708-8579-0d0bea39f2b6My testimony I  am Elie. 22 years old.
I started schooling in september 1999 and I didn’t attend nursery schools. When I started school at Kacyiru primary school,almost none knew neither how to write nor how to hold a pencil.
The teacher had teach us almost everything but to some pupils including me,it was a little bit different. We looked mediocre because when others were using their right hands,for us we were only comfortable by using our left hands.

The teacher would always hold the board chalk or the pencil along with us and help us making the first steps in writing.   Since it was unusual,she had to force us to use the habitual handside. She had to beat us when spotted to be lefty until we adopt the culture of being ultimately right handed. I had to. Because even after school,it was awkwardly weird to be that much clumsy.

In Rwandan culture,it is prohibited to greet an elder with your left hand and highly restricted to eat with a left hand. We always has to quench our seldom lefthandedness.    In other words it was much  disrespectful and definitely  impolite was  the child who did so. There was a barrier everywhere except at the playground.   I got beaten by my teacher and my dad at home was also not so easy. I was young to change but when I think about it now,i realize that I was traumatized.

I learned forcibly to use my right hand and got familiar. But when I totally lost my left hand-first tendency, I had difficulties in communicating.  If I remember well,i used to stutter or speak very speedily,faltering like since the time when I was in P3 until late P5 and I don’t remember how it faded.

I found myself different from how I was naturally,and it gave me complexes. I started feeling jealous because others had been able to resist the circumstances  and they still use their left hands as properly  as before but for me,i hardly do.   When I want to do something that requires hands,i tend to use my left arm but it seems weaker than my right side. Therefore I’ve been kept from my rights and my comfort.
I feel jealous and I regret.   I must have lost other things that I probably do not know.   But I stand to speak for the rest of the children and people who are naturally born left sided.

Being lefty is as normal as being right sided. People should understand that it’s a nature and the right.   It’s not linked to any abnormality at all. It’s not a curse, it’s a way that people were created in.   There should never be any discrimination based on the side that one uses.

My message to all the left handers is “let’s stand up and speak for our right,let us be proud of it, and let us protect the younger left handers for them not to suffer the way we did”.⁠⁠

I wish you all the best

7noNiyigena Pascal

Nize kuri E.P.A ,Nyarugenge 23 ans.

Muri macye nakuze nkoresha imoso ariko ngiye gutangira ishuri byabaye ikibazo aho ibyo nakoraga nko kwandika ,gukina umupira wamaguru ,nabikoreshaga imoso byose.

Naje guhura nimbogamizi aho umubyeyi wanjye yazaga ku ishuri agategeka mwarimu gutangira kumenyereza gukoresha indyo byarangoye cyane mwarimu yambona nkoresha imoso akankubita igihe cyose , byaje kurangira namenye gukoresha indyo nkuko umubyeyi wanjye yabishakaga.

Gusa mu gukina umupira w’amaguru ho nakomeje gukoresha imoso kuko ntawankurikiranaga aho nabaga ndigukinira .

Nasoza ngira inama umubyeyi , umurezi cyangwa umuntu wese ko yakumva ko kuba umwana we cyangwa  mugenzi we akoresha imoso agomba kumvako atari bibi nkuko bamwe babifata,ahubwo niko umuntu aba yaravutse .


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